Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reflection of TCF 312 Course

Instructor: Dr. Raimist TCF 312 Mohammed Kamal 08/02/2012 TCF 312 Course Reflections TCF 312 is an advance in video production. It is a 3 hours class. It went really fast because it’s summer. This is an educational and interesting class for me, as a TCF major. This course is designed to teach technical practices of digital video cameras, lighting technique, visual storytelling, technique of video production and postproduction including script formatting, camera techniques, lighting, sound, and editing. I learned how to use different kind of lights and where to use them properly. Continue reading the books and work in group projects, and listening to the class lecture, which helped to complete scene assignment. Cinematography for director, and grammar of the shot, the filmmaker hand book, and filmmaker eye book guided me about making a film, documentary or a portrait of place or a person. Within one month period, I was able to edit the composition exercise, scene assignment and my DP/Director Reel by using the software Final Cut Pro. I learned using MAC and all other technical parts about the computer. In this class Dr. Raimist forced me to learned many technical aspects that I have never seen before. I’m glad that I had this class with Dr. Raimist. I have 20 years of business management experiences, but I only started to work with computer since 2009. I worked so hard to keep up with my class buddies. I’m very honest and hard worker.I never missed any class and never was late in class. If I know my task I then I can it take seriously.My expection from this class is to get an A. This TCF class taught me many lessons. I’ve learned lot more than I expected. My best choices are Directing, DP and production management. Communication is also one the most important part of the filmmaking process. My group members were very cooperative to me. I’m not sure about my visual aspect yet. Making a film, and visually telling the story to the audience is really a challenging job. Sharing the ideas and artistic visions between the director and, the DP, can bring the success to the projects. Even though this class went too fast still I loved it. Working with class buddies, watching the films, all together, I had so much fun. I’ll miss this class. Lessons from the TCF 312 class will take me to the next level. My last thought and my favorite part of this class was that challenged me to learn all the technical aspects. Thanks to Dr. Raimist being such a wonderful person

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